Design Democracy
Design Democracy

Design for impact.

Design Democracy was established in 2010 in the belief that design can change people’s lives for the better. Our clients think the same way. They have big ideas that have the capacity to drive progress and effect major change.


We compel audiences to feel before thinking.

In an age of indiscriminate information sharing and noise, we have learned that emotion cuts through in design. By appealing to our audience’s humanity, we have the capacity to tackle some of life’s big problems.


We reject boring.

The most compelling ideas are often presented in unexpected ways. We communicate our clients’ efforts with energy and optimism, and it is this dynamism that turns one-off clients into long-term partners.


We are agile, reliable and responsible.

Simplicity is at the heart of our approach. We are friendly but direct, and our transparency gives us a practical edge over our competitors. We are just the right amount of playful, balancing originality with efficiency for lasting impact.


About our founder.

Design Democracy was founded by Sonia Post, a Creative Director with extensive experience in brand development, campaigns, digital and environmental design.

She held senior positions at some of Australia’s leading design agencies, helping roll out branding for the Sydney Olympics, designing exhibitions for the National Gallery of Australia, and developing rebrands for entities like Macquarie and the Powerhouse Museum.

For clients big and small, Sonia proves herself a force for innovation and ideas generation. Brave and lateral thinking defines her creative approach, but a tenacious, can-do attitude underpins her studio's ongoing success.