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Our new brand identity.

NewsSonia Post
Our new brand identity.

Design Democracy

Design Democracy is fast approaching it’s tenth year. We have seized this milestone as an opportunity to refresh our visual identity and better communicate our brand values.


In 2010 when the studio first began, terms such as human-centred and purpose-driven weren’t as prevalent as they are today. Quite simply we believed in the power of design to change people’s lives for the better, predating the rise of UX, of creative agencies registering as B-Corps or the popular movement that is now ‘human-centred design’.

The name Design Democracy was inspired by French designer Philippe Starck’s mission to make good design accessible for all people, in turn improving quality of life. Over the past nine years we have been lucky enough to work with organisations that align with our values, helping to drive progress and create positive social and environmental change.

These values form the core of our creative practice and mean that we are able to collaborate with like-minded organisations to create work with positive impact. In an increasingly overcrowded human-centred marketplace it is important to stick our flag in the ground and work even harder to create authentic and meaningful design.

Our visual identity has been built on a range of flags designed to symbolise our core values and articulate our point of difference. We are excited to begin to roll out our new brand, look out for more examples over the year ahead.